UL Foundation welcomes our growing coalition of Immersive Software Engineering partners

UL Foundation CEO, Harvey Duthie, thanked Analog Devices, Intercom, Manna Aero, Provizio and Stripe for their generous support toward Immersive Software Engineering (ISE) at UL. ISE sets out to redefine computer science education. It will bring, among other innovations, ‘Residencies’ which are more common in medical degrees, to computer science. The Foundation is excited to be play our part in this game-changing new programme.’

UL President, Professor Kerstin Mey, said ‘UL has always been a pioneer. We are a ‘disruptor’ in the most positive sense. Over the last eighteen months, the evolution of this programme has built on that proud tradition.’

John Collison, Co-founder and President of Stripe said ‘The Immersive Software Engineering programme will be the most comprehensive and accelerated programme of computer science education anywhere in the world, and a springboard for the brightest young minds to achieve great things.”

Vincent Roche, CEO of Analog Devices, said: “This programme has enormous potential. If we can make Limerick and Ireland a global hub for talent creation in computer science, that will have important knock-on effects for the rest of the Irish economy.’

Barry Lunn, CEO & Founder, Provizio – “I have always believed that applied learning is the key to unlock the talent that will build the next generation of technology that will make all our lives better. While we hire all over the world our DNA is in Limerick and this is the first step in a major change for our sector and region.”

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