About the University of Limerick Foundation

The University of Limerick Foundation is proud to support and resource the University of Limerick. Through the Foundation, which was established in 1989, the Board and our wide range of friends and benefactors, we provide national and international leadership and funding for the University's advancement.

The University of Limerick Foundation is engaged in fundraising for the University from private individuals, institutions and business. €200 Million has been raised to date in support of what is now a world class university and campus. Working closely with the President, the Foundation promotes the University of Limerick and the many facets that make it standout in the higher education landscape to potential benefactors.

From our unique cooperative education programmes and teaching methods, that are more relevant than ever, to our partnerships with industry and the campus facilities; the University of Limerick has a lot to be proud of. The Foundation looks to leverage some of the University’s past achievements to generate funding for the future.

With a high level of capital projects now complete one of the main objectives of the Foundation will be to generate income for investment in the human capital of the University by supporting an increase in professors across the board to broaden the research capability of the university as a whole.

Due to the close links with industry and in the current economic climate the University of Limerick is a great place to invest philanthropic donations to support the swift recovery of Ireland through research and economic development.  The foundation can and will demonstrate that funding we receive makes a huge different not only to the University of Limerick but also to the region as a whole.