Dr Dan P.N. Tierney

Dan Tierney is Chairman of Bimeda Holdings Plc, an Irish based veterinary pharmaceuticals manufacturer and distributor with operations in North America and Europe. Although retired from the day to day operations of his pharmaceutical business, Dr Tierney continues to have extensive business interests and is currently particularly involved with projects in the renewable energy area – Lightwave Technologies Limited (energy saving software technology) and Green Biofuels Ireland Limited (biodiesel). Mr Tierney is the author of The Tierney Report of 1995 which paved the way for much of the technology transfer and education/industry linkages that now inform the fabric of the Irish Higher Education sector. This interest in research and development was shown earlier in Mr Tierney’s career when he became one of the founder-directors of the non-profit Industry Research and Development Group in 1992, an organisation dedicated to improving the product and process research, development and innovation of Irish businesses. In his busy career, Dan Tierney has constantly returned to the issue of how to bridge research and business practice. In his two term chairmanship (1997-2007) of the National Standards Authority of Ireland he worked towards the nation-wide implementation of the ISO 9000 Quality System. In 1998, the then Minister for Science and Technology, Mr Noel Treacy, TD, commended the outstanding chairmanship of Mr. Dan Tierney in leading this organisation in its work of implementing technical and management standards in Irish industry. Mr Tierney was the Chairman of the Special Task Force set up in 1996-97 by the Government following the closure of the Packard Electric Plant in Tallaght with the loss of 700 jobs. The Task Force was extremely successful and the majority of the workforce found new employment; the factory was re-opened under new management. Mr Tierney also represented Ireland on the board of the Industry Research and Development Advisory Council in Brussels between 1992 and 1995 and was a member of the European Science and Technology Assembly between 1993 and 1996. In 1991, the city of Limerick celebrated the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Limerick. The Cross Chemical Group and ICC Bank under the leadership of Dan Tierney and Frank Casey commissioned Seoirse Bodley to compose The Limerick Symphony, also known as the 5th Symphony of Seoirse Bodley. This symphony recorded by the RTE Concert Orchestra remains an enduring cultural legacy of the Treaty Anniversary. Mr Tierney is originally from Limerick and currently lives in Dublin. He is married to Maura (nee Roche) and has four children. He was educated at Crescent College, Limerick. In January 2009 Dan Tierney was awarded with an Honorary Doctorate of Economic Science from the University of Limerick.